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gracie botany bjj private classes

If the 30+ classes in our timetable each week aren’t enough, Gracie Botany also offers private lessons with Professor Sav. These are 30 or 60 minute sessions that supplement regular classes. They can be one-on-one or with a small group.

Standard, group-based lessons are the foundation of Jiu-Jitsu practice, as these allow you to practice technique against a variety of styles and body sizes. But private lessons will help fine tune your BJJ. And since little details make big differences in Jiu-Jitsu, fine tuning can be a complete game changer!

Private lessons accommodate grapplers of all learning types. Some people learn by doing, some by talking and some by watching. Most learn via a combination of the three. Unlike group classes, private lessons can be specifically geared to the way you learn best.

Your private lessons will be with Gracie Botany’s Professor Sav, a highly skilled and accomplished grappler. With 18 years of experience and many tournament wins to his name, Sav has both competition and self-defence credentials. Sav has trained with and learned from BJJ legends like Helio, Royler and Rickson Gracie. He can guide your progression, and turn your weaknesses into strengths.

gracie botany bjj private classesPrivate lessons are great options for people who:

  • Have a schedule that blocks them from making regular classes
  • Are preparing for a tournament
  • Want to break through a plateau
  • Have particular problems they want to solve
  • Have a particular game they want to improve
  • Are obsessed with BJJ and just want to improve their skills!

To get the most out of private classes, we recommend booking multiple in advance and attending them regularly. This will allow Professor Sav to appraise your abilities, then organize a specific program for you.

Alternatively, one-off private lessons are a good way to solve particular issues you’ve been having. Can’t figure out why a certain technique doesn’t work? Want to learn how to defend against a particular attack? These are issues that are easily addressed within a private lesson. Come with questions and you’ll get answers!

Private lessons are suitable for any skill level, beginners and expert grapplers alike. They also work for any age group. These sessions aren’t just for our adult grapplers. Kids and teenage practitioners benefit from them too.

Just like adults, our regular group classes are the foundation for kids learning Jiu-Jitsu. There they’ll learn all the essential skills for BJJ. These group classes are also important socially, as they’ll forge bonds with other kids on the mats. Private lessons, however, are an effective way for children of all ages to get more attention on any areas in need of improvement. This includes self-defense and bullyproof techniques, as well as competition preparation.

More than any other martial art, Jiu-Jitsu prizes technique and precision over athleticism. Honing your skills means being able to overcome big size and strength disparities. It’s also a marathon rather than a sprint: a martial art you can train for a lifetime. Details learned through thorough coaching can stick with you for decades. That’s why learning the right way is so important.

Contact us any time to organize a Private lesson.

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